Autoimmune disease

Genetics loads the gun. But! Lifestyle choices pulls the trigger. Please click on the link below. Maranatha

Let’s Talk About Sleep

Did you know? Too little sleep, too much sleep, and sleep taken at varying times during the day can have adverse effects on the brain, emotions, even your lifespan. This discussion (click on link below) offers suggestions to benefit from sleep, like how to control dream quality and why you should never cover your faceContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Sleep”

The “Day” matters

The day we offer up worship to God absolutely, unequivocally matters to Him. Period. All throughout God’s holy scriptures He makes very clear what He requires of His people. He relays to us clearly in great detail. There is no room for doubt. Study through His word, first seek God in prayer for His HolyContinue reading “The “Day” matters”