About Us – Our Mission

Born-Again Inside Out Ministry is founded upon the Word of God and His principles.

Our mission is to make health simple, affordable, and available to all people who desire to have it. We purpose to educate, assist, and provide services to all people, helping them to understand what it means to be healthy and what it is to be born again, as well as how to be born again, so that godliness will shine out from the inside spiritually, physically and mentally.

Our desire is to embrace every opportunity to present the truth in its purity and simplicity. Our audience is anyone with any desire or interest to hear the reasons for our faith. Beyond that, there is a place for those who consider themselves experts of Scripture and Inspiration. Even “those who have dwelt mostly upon the prophecies and the theoretical points of our faith,” we are told, “should without delay become Bible students upon practical subjects. They should take a deeper draft at the fountain of divine truth. They should carefully study the life of Christ and His lessons of practical godliness, given for the benefit of all and to be the rule of right living for all who should believe on His name. They should be imbued with the spirit of their great Exemplar and have a high sense of the sacred life of a follower of Christ” (3T 214.1). To provide such an environment, to provide such a medium, a platform of common growth: this is our goal.

We want to see Jesus in peace. And we desire the same for any and everyone else who has the least genuine interest. Please, join us for a deeper draft.