Clay and Honey for Eye Health

A man had been blind from birth. Jesus anointed his eyes with a poultice of clay and told him to rinse them in the pool of Siloam. The Gospel of John testifies that the man was then able to see. The Bible does not identify the kind of clay He used. We do know, however,Continue reading “Clay and Honey for Eye Health”

The New Charcoal Rush

An easy thirty-five years ago, children were playing in a rural yard in Central Florida. Before they were all done, the innocent play turned potentially deadly. A snake had bitten the heel of one child and apparently slithered away before it could be identified. Typically, venom must first be tested to determine what course ofContinue reading “The New Charcoal Rush”

Naturally Embrace Menopause

As women age, changes take place, which affect their temperament and often cause needless confusion. A number of symptoms can signal menopause is approaching or occurring. She may become more emotional, as her menstrual cycle becomes sporadic and blood flow fluctuates from light to heavy. Her sensitivity to environmental elements may become heightened. She mayContinue reading “Naturally Embrace Menopause”