The Holy Things

The holy things of God are not to be handled just any old kind of way. This includes His Sabbath. This also includes His holy people: His sons and daughters. The holy things of God are for holy use. His Sabbath is within God Himself. His very holy presence filled up the day He blessedContinue reading “The Holy Things”

Why we do what we do

Why we do what we do is made clear in God’s word. I pray God pour out His Spirit upon every soul that studies this out, that all be guided into all truth, given understanding. Click on the link below, and be enlightened. How sin affects the mind Maranatha

By faith

To get up from praying to God and know He has done it, to know it is done: Oh, what faith! As I read through Hannah’s bitterness, anger, grief, even when she did not eat, I saw that she went and prayed and wept unto God. Immediately, she surrendered and made confession. She repented. IContinue reading “By faith”