Just Choose! Judas and John Contrasted

“Most assuredly, I say to you, one of you will betray Me. John 13:21.

“The opportunities and advantages offered to John were given to Judas also. The same principles of truth were set before his understanding; the same example in the character of Christ was his to contemplate and imitate. But Judas failed to become a doer of the words of Christ. Evil temper, revengeful passions, dark and sullen thoughts, were cherished until Satan had full control of the man. John walked in the light and improved the opportunities given him to overcome; but Judas chose his defects and refused to be transformed into the image of Christ, and therefore became a representative of the enemy of Christ and manifested the attributes of the evil one. When Judas came into association with Christ, he had some precious traits of character that might have been used of God and made a blessing to the church. If he had been willing to wear the yoke of Christ, to become meek and lowly of heart, he might have been among the chief of the apostles; but he hardened his heart when his defects were pointed out, and in pride and rebellion chose his own selfish ambitions, and so unfitted himself for the work God might have given him. John and Peter, though imperfect, became sanctified through the truth.

“It is the same today as it was in the days of Christ. As the disciples were brought together, each with different faults, some inherited or cultivated tendency to evil, so in our church relations we find men and women whose characters are defective; not one of us is perfect. But in Christ, and through Christ, we are to dwell in the family of God, learning to become one in faith, in doctrine, in spirit, that at last we may be received into our eternal habitation. We shall have our tests, our grievances, our differences of opinion; but if Christ is abiding in the heart of each, there can be no dissension. The love of Christ will lead to love of one another, and the lessons of the Master will harmonize all differences, bringing us into unity, till we shall be of one mind and one judgment. Strife for supremacy will cease, and no one will be disposed to glory over another, but we shall esteem others better than ourselves and so be built up into a spiritual temple for the Lord….

“The lessons given to Peter, Judas, and the other disciples are profitable to us and have a special importance at this time.—Signs of the Times, April 20, 1891.”

Clay and Honey for Eye Health

A man had been blind from birth. Jesus anointed his eyes with a poultice of clay and told him to rinse them in the pool of Siloam. The Gospel of John testifies that the man was then able to see.

The Bible does not identify the kind of clay He used. We do know, however, that it was the soil of Jerusalem mixed with the spittle of Jesus. Nevertheless, some sources claim bentonite clay is useful for eyestrain and infections.

A method similar to the one Jesus used is still used today. Tony Isaacs, in his “19 Herbs for Vision and Eye Health” says mixing bentonite clay in just enough warm water to make a paste is sufficient. The paste is placed onto a cloth to make a clay pack or poultice. It is then applied over closed eyes and left there, until the pack dries out.

With its pulling power, bentonite clay will draw out toxins that cause various eye issues. Because of its volcanic ash content, says Tyler Sorensen, President and CEO of Rebuild Your Vision, bentonite clay provides dozens of trace minerals for healing eyestrain and infections. It is also reported to restore vision in the instance of cataracts. In fact, a 20-minute poultice of bentonite clay tops his list of “Best Herbs for Eyesight.”

Besides that, multiple personal testimonies, including a doctor of allopathic and naturopathic practices, are posted at CureZone.com about the successful use of clay poultices for eye health.

A story of King Saul’s son Jonathan, dear friend to King David, provides another interesting biblical account of improved eyesight. Jonathan was exhausted from battle. But after tasting a little honey, his eyesight was enlightened. And today, it is claimed that using a few drops of raw organic honey in the eye at least a couple of times per day is an ancient Egyptian remedy reported to have benefitted many people with cataracts.

DrAxe.com claims Manuka honey is superior and is somewhat different than other honeys. They say that because it’s one of nature’s richest antimicrobial sources, Manuka is used primarily for its medicinal benefits. Yet, the article “11 Proven Manuka Honey Benefits and Uses” comes short of mentioning Manuka honey for eye health.

I have heard personal successful accounts of using a drop per day of Manuka honey in the eye. But until now, like Jonathan, I stick with tasting a little honey and trust God my eyes are enlightened. For indeed, all true healing is of God.

Know true freedom from bondage

To be free from sin means you will not sin. Jesus said His will is that we sin not.
Light is not a part of darkness. If you are righteous, you are light. The righteous have no fellowship with darkness.

To be free from sin is to no longer be in bondage.

Obedience to the law of God is not bondage but is freedom from the life of sin and shame.

To obey God’s law is choosing life eternal; and this choosing to obey God is choosing to cooperate with the Holy Spirit, because it is the Spirit of God Who gives both the will and the power to do God’s good pleasure.

God says, “If ye love me, keep my commandments” (John 15:10). God says to live not by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of GOD (Matthew 4:4).

Obedience is not fanaticism. Obedience is not extreme. Obedience is loving God. It is simply choosing to do what He says do. If someone says that it is fanaticism, Satan or one of his demons is speaking through that person. It does not matter if that person is your parent, sibling, in-law, out-law, co-worker, or spouse.

Know who and what you are dealing with!

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places ” (Ephesians 6:12 KJV).

Satan does not want to relinquish anyone who is worshiping (obeying) him. You better know it. If he has you in error, you serve him; whether God winks or not, you are still Satan’s property. And once God brings that knowledge to you, you are held accountable. God no longer winks at your ignorance. And God will not force you to accept truth. He will not force you to surrender to Him.

Know that if you choose error, if you choose to continue to sin, if you choose to continue to disobey God (even if you say “I am a Christian” or “I am saved” or “ I believe in God”), you need to know that you are not God’s. And you are not saved. Instead, you truly are rejecting God’s gift to you by the death, resurrection, and ministry of Jesus to save you. You reject God, because you choose to obey the voice of Satan through whomever and through whatever vessel, tool or device he is using. You actually choose death by choosing to continue living your life in error, in disobedience to God’s law, to His whole Word.

Disobedience to God’s law (which is not just His Ten Commandment law but also His whole Word) is to be in bondage to sin, to Satan. God is clear in His Word.

Study as you are led of the Holy Ghost. Show yourself, whether you be of God or Satan. You can only belong to one or the other.

Know who you really are and to whom you yield yourself as servant to obey: God or Satan.