The Helmet of Salvation: The Mind of Christ

“Jesus did not come to earth with outward pomp and display. . . . He clothed his divinity with humanity, and yet he did not require that any one should minister unto him. He came to labor for others. He ever strove to do men good; he provided for their necessities. Among his disciples heContinue reading “The Helmet of Salvation: The Mind of Christ”

The Faith of Jesus: A Shield

The Apostle Paul warned us. He said that there would be spiritual wickedness in high places. High places? Naturally, the mind would tend toward governments and unelected or noncommissioned ruling powers. Certainly, these are the “high places” of the world. Naturally still, one would think that there is no way to win or even sustainContinue reading “The Faith of Jesus: A Shield”

Peace, People!

“The Lord would have you lay aside that spirit of wrath and be disrobed of your war garment. . . . ‘You have inherited and cultivated a contentious spirit. Put on the robe of Christ’s righteousness, and speak not one word that is not subdued by the Spirit of God. Let your heart break inContinue reading “Peace, People!”