Sleep: A Healing Element

Sleep heals. And nothing replaces it.

During deep sleep, your body is literally restoring itself on a cellular level.

Retiring and resting involves the whole body, including the stomach. Stop eating well in advance to allow the body to fully rest once you lie down for the evening. As long as the body is engaged in digestion, it is not resting. Often eating through the evening or resting hours is the culprit of obesity and disease and sudden death. Reclining too quickly after eating at any time of the day can burden the heart and cause a stroke. (https:// sleep-immediately-after-a-meal-pa/42952/) PMASG 139

For sound, undisturbed sleep, ”strive for few sounds, little light and cooler temperatures in the bedroom. Remember: The bed should only be used for sleep and sex. Televisions and other blue light-emitting gagets, such as smartphones and laptops, have no place in the bedroom.”

(For more about healing sleep, please read Sandee LaMotte’s CNN article ”Keep your brain sharp by finding your sleep ’sweet spot,’ study says.” For general pointers for staying healthy, read Pandemic of Misinformation: A Survivor’s Guide, (PMASG) .pdf available at

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