The Child of God- Laws/Rules In Their Home…

The child of God has rules in the home- laws that the house be governed by God for they serve God, all belong to Him, He is to be glorified, His character revealed. Laws/rules are not made to be broken- that is Satan’s motto. When others come to your home, the stranger; they are to abide by the laws/rules if the home is that in which God and His Angels and the Holy Spirit are present within… Anyone not receiving, not obeying but disrespecting God and you… Take them aside and let them know, you and them alone, their trespass against God, you. Do this period if one even has not come to your home, but has trespass against you (By God’s leading- because in some cases He may have you to just tell them you forgive them. He just may have you to remain silent. That’s it, and pray for them).

Follow the counsel given of God going to His Word measuring each situation by the Word- for there are so many and one does not fit all, God has many principles and they do not change. Search the word led of the Holy Spirit, you will only be led in harmony with God.

They who enter in are not to live and do etc as they please- your house your land is God’s first and foremost and God alone to be glorified and served. Have zero tolerance for sin not making light of it, not compromising God for it… Remember God’s long-suffering with us as we teach others- remembering we were once maybe where they are or worse than them… God will bless us in dealing with such persons.

We are to remember nothing should be in our home or on our land that belongs to the Devil- Satan. When anything he sees of us or in our home or land as his property; he is coming in because he thus been invited. This is why it is important and matters to God what His people watch, wear, listen to, eat and drink, read, etc… for they reveal who’s property we are! Satan will see a tiny crack so minute, and bust his way in- force his way in, and if he was kicked out but came back; he is coming with seven more devils more worse than himself… and the state of mind, character, health will be worse than at first – than before. Let that sink in.

Those who know of you, your rules and yet disrespect God and you when they come and they know; woe be unto them- especially they professing to love God.

They who hunger after God- they want to know, they are asking for help in this or that… oh these precious ones… thank God, seek Him that He do His work in us, that we may live that work He does before others that they may know God’s love His character and want His salvation. Let that sink in.

Others used by Satan, God will deal with them… pray for them, be willing to help them… but we do not walk with them, hang out with them doin, talking as they do. Let that sink in.

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