Maintaining Health

Let us keep in mind to visit the health dotors each and every day: Faith, Trust in God: devotion and prayer, study of God’s Word; die to self surrendering self will to the will of God; forgive, give everything to God; Daily examine self by the Word of God; Apply the Word practically to our lives daily; Water, Nutrition, Fresh Air, Sunlight, Excercise , Temperance, Rest and sleep.

Making life simple each day in all our daily living with everything we eat, drink and do, do all to the glory of God- God in the center at the head of us, our homes, relationships- all revolving around God is what should be our daily goal. Self must decrease daily that God increase.

Annette Gillam – Co-founder and C0-Owner, Gospel Medical Missionary Evangelist, Blogger

1- Bunch of Cilantro

1- Bunch of Dill

1- Bunch of Parsley

Juice and drink daily on your detox and cleanse… or simply drink as often as you like. Increase the quantity of the ingredients if you like- We cannot overdose.

Advised by: Brother Don Budd

Fasting revitalizes, cleanses the body, jumpstarts healing in the body and brain – giving clarity… Pray and ask God the fast He will approve, and empower you to do. Go to the menu on our website, explore our various post under several categories. Be sure to FIRST read our disclaimer before implementing anything we share for informational, educational purposes.

Feeling Like You Are Coming Down With Something….

Drink distilled water.

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