God’s Salvation- What Does This Look Like In The Life?

If you not professing to belong to God; if you do not know God nor choose to, you living you and satisfied with that etc; this is not for you. But if you are professing to belong to God, and/or to know God, to believe in and on Jesus- please read and know many are professing God in heaven with their lips; but yet deny Him with their lives they live daily- this is taking the name of the Lord God in vain. Our lives in all our eating, drinking, doing is to be all done to the glory of God. Not glory to Satan. Let that sink in.

God’s Salvation- deliverance from sin! The gospel is the Power of God unto salvation- THE POWER OF GOD TO DELIVER US FROM SIN! DELIVER US FROM DEATH! Sin is the transgression of the law of God. The wages of sin is death. Let that sink in while choosing to yield to satan holding on to idolatry…jewelry wearing in and of itself is idolatry to God no matter “I am not worshipping it” “I don’t have to wear it” “it is not salvational”- the wearing of jewelry- gold, silver, brass etc etc etc and pearls and makeup etc is itself idolatry. The very act is worshiping Satan he sees it as you belong to him because its of his character… because it is, in God’s eyes it is idolatry- serving another god. Ask yourself, “If I am not worshiping Satan by wearing”,”if I can do without it and don’t have to wear it”; then why am I wearing it? Self is the answer. When self is dead and 100% surrendered to the will of God- one will not wear none of it- one will not wear them upon the temple of God; one will not mark the temple of God with tattoos- markings as unto the dead… that is what it is truly; and will not put piercings in God’s temple; one will not serve the belly god- the appetite what is eaten and drunk daily will be what God created BEST for His temple He is to dwell in. The clothes we wear- is our nakedness revealed? Satan’s followers show the cleavage, the shoulders, the arms, the under-arm; the thigh, the leg, the private parts- the arm pit, the areas leading to the genital area and the buttocks let alone revealing them period. God covers the nakedness with His righteousness- right living… thus we cover ourselves with clothes from shoulders down as was Christ clothed spiritually and physically with righteousness; He clothed Adam and Eve with coats of skin after they had attempted to clothe themselves with self-righteousness- self living covering themselves with aprons of leaves revealing their spiritual and physical nakedness- Spiritual nakedness shown by covering self unrighteously- not living righteous not being covered with Christ righteousness. Idolatry can also be your children, relatives, spouse, others…job or career; cars, homes, money, animals. And the characters of stubbornness, rebellious spirit is sin period.
Self sacrifice… total surrender to God one’s very existence in all living and breathing, surrender self will to the will of God. His love He perfects in us is complete obedience to Him. Period. We must be new creatures- this is the work in us of the Holy Ghost but we must relinquish reign of self to God. A lifestyle of choice to obey God is loving God because He has given us Salvation and we keep it, we cherish it… we by faith choose and by God’s grace His Power- we live it Period because we ARE SAVED and not to be saved. God will not, cannot dwell in a temple of darkness for God is light, He is holy, He is righteous; and in Him is no darkness at all; in Him is no unrighteousness. He is our holy God, we are to be His holy people/children- children of Light. Let that sink in.

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