Healthy? Hmmm- Know, Not Think.

Please, just because the “label notes vegan”; or you do not “see” / “know” all that is in the ingredients does not mean you are eating healthy- it does not mean you are not going to consume something harmful. We are to know what we are consuming. We are to know what we are putting on our hair and on our skin as well for all goes into the blood-stream… Are we poisoning ourselves “thinking” and not “knowing”?

Make a list of what you need. Then do some research on the ingredients… Sometimes you will find right on the internet what a brand’s ingredients are. Do some research on fillers, preservatives ahead… The best thing to do is to Do It Yourself/Make It Yourself. Use simple ingredients that you are able to identify by the name as healthy animal free, non-gmo, chemical free, pesticide free (Organically grown) fruit, nuts, grains, vegetables, legumes, herbs. Do not assume. First and foremost never leave the house without God and never shop without God- seek Him for discernment. No matter what, do the very best you can according to His word, His Spirit; and ALWAYS ask Him to bless that which you plant, purchase, prepare in Jesus name.

God will honor that which He has blessed and not that which He curse. Let that sink in.

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