Another of Many Remedies For Flu/Colds

This is just another of many remedies after praying to God I have personally tried as well as some in my family- my sister can testify what it did for her literally overnight! My grandchildren have literally been well overnight to 2 days after being sick for days with bad colds, coughs.

Flu/bad cold/upper respiratory/congestion/bronchitis/mucus build up? This is what I would do:

Take a raw onion sliced, placed on bottom of the feet- put on socks to hold in place; rub down chest and back with eucalyptus and or peppermint oil (put coconut oil or olive oil first in case of sensitive skin);casteroil may be used to carry eucalyptus and/or peppermint oil deep, it is also a anti-inflammatory, pain remover, antibiotic… and more. I would cut an onion in half and place on a saucer and sit next to my bed as I sleep. The onion absorbs toxins out of the body through the feet, and the onion next to the bed absorbs germs, toxins in the room. The eucalyptus/peppermint opens the airwaves that you can breathe, gets oxygen to the brain as one breathes, also bringing up mucus. Also I would rub peppermint oil and casteroil where I am aching- this is good to relieve pain and aches. Lavender will do this as well as cause one to be calm, relax. I would also drink Colloidal Silver for it is a powerful antibiotic. Other powerful antibiotics, just to name a few: oregano oil, goldenseal, garlic.

Before I do anything, I go to God by faith trusting He will heal me. I thank Him trusting it is done. He sometimes does it right then; other times He gives me what to do, and/or herbs, food I may need or sometimes to simply drink water, and get some fresh air, take walk, get some sun and rest. God is the answer the antidote to everything spiritual, mental, and physical. Try Him, try His ways- you will be blessed.

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