Something To Consider, Think About…

Could the COVID-19 symptoms that people are suffering from and even dying of, caused by eating diseased animals like duck and chicken? Remember, ducks 🦆 from COVID-19’s start were being diagnosed with “upper respiratory” disease. And ducks are a main dish in China, and “CHINA TOWNS” as well as chicken. But no one made theContinue reading “Something To Consider, Think About…”

True Love, God’s Love Not Defined by the World, The Wicked

True Love, one who is filled with the love of God, obeys God. In these souls, God perfects His character, His love. Christ learned obedience through suffering; That suffering was for God’s name sake. So we who love God shall suffer learning obedience for Christ name’s sake. When one loves God, they obey God’s voice-Continue reading “True Love, God’s Love Not Defined by the World, The Wicked”

Death by Lying

A lie does not promote healing or health or life. A lie may seem to help for the moment; but in the end it only promotes more grief, more sickness, more disease, and more death (eternal death). Why? By so doing, the soul’s choice separates the liar from God. “The soul that sinneth, it shallContinue reading “Death by Lying”

Honor and the Suffering Saint

I decided to do a word study on the use of honor in the Bible. But first, I had to use the Old English spelling, honour, as used in the King James Version. Otherwise, it is as if the word does not exist in the Bible, according to Strong’s Concordance. It was a fascinating experience.Continue reading “Honor and the Suffering Saint”

Another of Many Remedies For Flu/Colds

This is just another of many remedies after praying to God I have personally tried as well as some in my family- my sister can testify what it did for her literally overnight! My grandchildren have literally been well overnight to 2 days after being sick for days with bad colds, coughs. Flu/bad cold/upper respiratory/congestion/bronchitis/mucusContinue reading “Another of Many Remedies For Flu/Colds”

Please Do Not Wait To Start The Process of Healing!

Please do not wait to start the process of healing! Start at the first sign of sickness- tired achy/itchy throat/ aching in body/glands in neck swollen… etc etc etc At first sign, begin the process, also contacting someone you know of that is knowledgeable in natural remedies, herbs etc and make a conscious choice whatContinue reading “Please Do Not Wait To Start The Process of Healing!”