Marriage: 100

This is just the surface. I have not even dived deep yet. Marriage: God and His Church are represented in the marriage of man and woman. Adultery against God in both the spiritual and physical begins in the mind with the thoughts, from what is seen with the eyes, and heard with the ears. WhatContinue reading “Marriage: 100”

The Wedding: How biblical is it?

Who doesn’t enjoy the beauty of weddings? Small intimate ones. Large lavish ones. Outdoor weddings. Indoor weddings. Oceanfront ones. Mountaintop ones. Early in the morning. Late in the evening. And at any time in between. Weddings are strategically designed to caress the emotions and to leave a uniquely indelible imprint. Right? But at what cost?Continue reading “The Wedding: How biblical is it?”

Marriage Reform: It’s Time

Nearly all (if not all) marriages pale in comparison to what they were intended. In fact, it is said, “There is not one marriage in one hundred that results happily, bearing the sanction of God and placing the parties in a position better to glorify him. The evil consequences of ill-marriages are numberless.” Ideally, marriage is meant toContinue reading “Marriage Reform: It’s Time”