Are you being fruitful branches?

Christ is the Vine. His people are the branches. Christ true branches will remain connected to the True Vine. These are purged, that the branches bear more fruit. The branches that bear no fruit are plucked off, out of the True Vine, and are taken away, and burned in the fire. “I am the trueContinue reading “Are you being fruitful branches?”

Many ask why?

Why is the evil done, the suffering upon the helpless allowed? Many ask the above question: “Why God?” “Why don’t You, why didn’t You stop what happened to me, to others?“ Choices: Self will of no one is made void of God unless they are totally surrendered to Him by their faith, choice. First weContinue reading “Many ask why?”

Discern spiritual things spiritually

The Bible tells us that Satan can appear as an angel of light, and he mixes truth with error, making it sound good. Be very careful. There is danger where we do not see the message in the one who preached it. If we continue surrounding ourselves in their presence, we will behold their characterContinue reading “Discern spiritual things spiritually”