Where is He in that?

It is very sad that many count a “holiday” so significant to them that they allow its traditions to order their emotions. They are happy or sad or depressed or content, depending upon whether they have company or family over or if they are invited out or not, if they have a turkey and dressing or ham, or many other things or not. But where is God in that?

Really! Where is God in the celebration?

It is often more times than not that around the “holidays” many are so down, because a loved one or friend is no longer alive to share the day with anymore. Where is God in that?

God is alive and on His throne.

Christ died the second death for all that we would not have to die that eternal death in payment for our own sins. He is to forever be the reason to be thankful, happy, joyous, at peace, content at all times. Be thankful to Him that we are still alive to make our call and election sure. Be thankful if our loved ones are still alive that we can by God’s grace be His witness to them of His Power to save us and them.

His salvation He gives to us. It is up to us to accept and receive or reject.

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