Obedience vs Fanaticism, Extremism, Cultism

Obedience is choosing to take God at His Word. It is choosing to do what He said. It is not adding to or taking anything away from what God has said.

It is really very simple: Obedience only happens when one is possessed with the Spirit of God. They possess and reveal the fruit of the Spirit. In them is rooted the love of God—the Law of God.

The Ten Commandments are deep and broad and touch every aspect of one’s life. Those who have God’s love in them cannot sin; for the seed of Christ remains in them. If they sin, they do not stay down as fools. They repent and get back up. They have an Advocate: Jesus Christ. They forsake sin. They completely surrender self will to the will of God. And because they have the faith of Jesus, they overcome as Christ overcame, having victory over sin and death.

The fanatic, the extremist, the cultist adds to God’s Word. They mix error with truth, opinion with facts. As presented, it sounds really kosher. In reality, however, they disobey God. They deny God with their lives, while professing Him with their lips. It’s only lip service, while they please self and men, rather than God. This is self-righteousness.

They follow men, obeying the commandments of men. These seek counsel from the ungodly. They sit with the scornful.

It is really very simple. Satan is the father of lies, the author of sin. The true fanatic, the true extremists are those possessed with the spirit of Satan. They disobey God. These mingle truth and error. These have a lot of opinions based on foolishness. They show double-mindedness, resulting in being unstable in all their ways.

Now, will the true fanatic, extremist, cultist stand up? Confess. Then fall down, humble yourselves before God, and die that Christ may live through you.

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