The First Temptation

Satan lied to the woman (Eve). He tempted her to sin in order to live. He waited until she was weak and vulnerable and alone.

Eons later, he did the same thing to Jesus Christ. The first time he disguised himself as a wise serpent that charmed the woman. The second time he disguised himself as an angel of light, seeking to charm Jesus, the Light of the World. Still, the focus of the temptation was the same. It was diet.

But the consequence was drastically different. Christ did what the woman had not. Before Christ was met with Satan’s temptation, Christ had fasted forty days and forty nights. He was famished.

The woman was tempted with something pleasant to eat, something to satisfy one’s self. She was promised that it was good—even something to make her wise. He promised her a gain. It would not be suicide. He promised. She would live and not die.

Christ was tempted to satisfy Himself with something to eat. He was tempted to sustain Himself, by turning the rock into bread. By bowing down to Satan, he would gain—so He was told. Again, the message to commit suicide was pressed. By jumping from the highest point, He would not die. It was all about believing Satan’s lies—bowing to Satan—rather than the truth of God’s Word.

The key lesson is this: If we gain victory over appetite—victory over the belly being one’s god—we will overcome Satan’s temptations.

Self is one’s own worse enemy. Selfishness must die. When self is dead, the new creature will be in Christ and Christ in him. Then they shall live and not die.

You think it does not matter what you eat, drink, or do? It’s best you stop thinking that, before it be the death of you—literally and spiritually.

Remember, Christ was tempted by Satan on the very same point as was the woman (Eve). Why do we think it cannot be the very same with us? We can be certain that the temptation will be on the same point as when he tempted the woman and Christ. It works. He knows it. He will continue to use it.

Just be prepared.

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