Time is almost up!

Time is winding down or up, whichever way you prefer to say it. Probation is quickly closing, moment by moment. The probation of some ended at death. Some are still alive, but their probation has closed. For others, their probation will soon close.

I am praying all that can be saved, will be saved. But for those whose probation has closed, it is too late.

One thing is certain. If anyone is holding on to sin, no matter how minute or large, sin will keep you out of the kingdom of God.

If you believe sin is not what it is, you believe the truth is a lie. In that way, you reject God. You prove you hate Him. You prove you do not love Him.

I am praying for you more than ever. I am praying all who are living make our calling and election sure. I pray we all stay in a state of complete surrender of self-will to the will of God.

The law of God is His law of love.

If you do not choose by faith to observe, do, keep (cherish, protect) it, you choose to be lost.

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