Your Health Matters: Don’t trust the numbers!

Do you or someone in your family suffer with allergies, asthma, hyperactivity or cancer? It might not be a bad idea to spend some time in your pantry and survey the food product labels. Check the list of ingredients.

Do you see any numbers in the list? According to an article I just read, published at, “so many foods, especially food for children, are loaded with toxic dyes. Specifically, the numbered colors blues #1 and #2, green #3, red #3, and yellows #5 and #6 are synthetic or artificial colors.”

Although banned in the UK, artificial or synthetic dyes are allowed in American food products. They are assigned numbers like those mentioned. “These colors are made from coal tar or petroleum and can cause all sorts of problems for your health, such as allergies, asthma, hyperactivity or cancer.“

A article lists eight ingredients banned in the UK but allowed in America. But that should not stop you. Be wise. Make your personal watch list of ingredients to ban from your home.

Your health is your own responsibility. Take charge of it. Stay healthy. Choose organically grown natural coloring options, like beets. It may be one of the best ways to enhance the future lives of those you love and upon whom you expect will be your future caregivers.

My mother lived independently until well into her 90s! She’s 99, until December. Although she is no longer independently ambulatory, her mind is still agile, and her hand is steady enough to feed herself. Who knew such daily, seemingly simple, feats could be such a blessing! Indeed, her health has been a priceless gift to us!

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