Take Our Problems To The Problem Solver…

We are to take our problems to God first and foremost. He will speak to us directly the solution/solutions or He will use someone confirming His Word in His Word through them. We are not to seek counsel from the ungodly… but many professors of God are telling all and some, and it be not for no one’s ears but God’s and whom God put His Spirit in to use.

Why tell your problems to they who CANNOT do NOTHING about your problems or with them? Why?

You best let God in and know Him, love Him:obey Him, take everything to God in prayer… talk to those godly people who God’s Word and Spirit reveals to be holy- lest you feel like you cannot do the right thing God convicts you because you have said so much to others that now you being not dead to sin not dead to self, you care about what others whom you spoke mess, lies to think about you…. This will get you lost…

Do not care what no one else or others think about you! CARE AND BE CONCERNED ABOUT WHAT GOD KNOWS OF YOU!

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