The Word… Life And Assurance…

God is a consuming fire. The ground on which the bush was, and on which Moses stood was holy ground for God was there… His holy mountain. When Moses spent 40 days and nights with God in the mount, He came down and his face shined with God’s glory, the people could not look upon him, he veiled his face. God says if His Spirit be in us, we sin not… God says we become changed by beholding… If we spend time with God in His word and in prayer, living by the word applying it practically daily in our lives, O we will become changed- there is change that comes over us! Amen. The Word is life! Christ was the Word, the Word became flesh… amen. Powerful! Through the Holy Spirit the word of God encourages us, strengthens us, God communes with us. There is only true joy, peace, happiness in God! If we by faith choose to live measuring EVERYTHING by the word of God, led of the Holy Ghost; if we abide in the secret place of the Most High… If we love (obey) God, seek for Him, hearken diligently unto His voice… God’s will (His word) is performed in us: we receive all the promised blessings of God as we live by faith (all of God’s promised blessings are conditional, we by faith choose to meet the condition, God imparts the power, the might): the just shall live by faith… we have peace that passes all understanding… we have joy and happiness, a smile, and peace even though there are storms all around us! Amen. We by the grace of God by faith build our house on the Rock Christ Jesus! Amen. We have count the cost of our surrender to God… And we stand on the solid foundation the Word… The floods come but will not overtake us! the fire is burning with intense heat but it will not burn us! Death comes and we will but mourn/grieve for a moment for we grieve not as the world grieves, and we know God, our eyes are fixed upon Him! We turn not to the right, nor to the left and serve other gods. The storms come the winds blow but will not destroy our house! We will be standing! God is the Lifter-up of our heads! Amen. God is from whom our help cometh, our joy! Amen. God is holy, He says so are His children to be holy… let that sink in. We stand on the promises of God by faith, and God, O The One and Only True God is with us through it all, the consuming fire that ONLY consumes sin! Let that sink in. One day soon, Yes LORD, o one day soon we who are sealed by God will be they burning forever for we are the holy children of God filled with His glory… We, they who endured unto the end, even unto death… O Yes! What a great, terrible day coming! Come Lord Jesus, come…

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