The Fact Is…

The fact that one is still breathing after making choices clearly contrary to the best unto the Temple of God according to His word which He cannot reverse; is no indication of healing. The body can and will adapt to what it is given, but it will eventually fall to the damages done but not seen until too late. Then the soul cries unto God and expects healing; but all the while before ignored the Word on the matter.

The spiritual and physical state are involved in the soul counting mans knowledge, wisdom above God’s (it is shown by our choices in our living: our worship). We become changed by what we behold. If we behold a “mans” counsel, prescriptions, word above God’s Word, His counsel, God’s healing; the soul shall, will become changed by the man they are beholding, by his prescriptions they take, by his words and counsel they apply; these souls shall surely die the first and second death if they do not confess, surrender to God, forsake sin, repent and be converted.

Who are you, we worshiping in our choices? Who are you, we becoming changed by?

Let that sink in.

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