Wait! You Say You love God!? What Are You Doing?

Who Do You Look Like The Heavenly Father, Or the father Of Lies- Sin?

Most “say” that they love God, they do not have a clue what that love is because they hold sin. We cannot love God, yet have sin. God is a jealous God. He will not share us with Satan. The choice to give up self, to give up all to and for God has to be made… Yes, we may loose some relatives, jobs, even our family in our house… We must repent that we be converted that our sins be blotted out. Without repentance, forsaking sin; we will not be going nowhere but to the lake of fire at the very end with the devil and his angels- the lake of fire was prepared for Satan and his angels, NOT us. Let that sink in.

We cannot serve two masters, but only one. If we want deliverance from sin – God’s free gift to us- His salvation; we cannot have no sin, we must only serve one master. I pray the master we choose to surrender to is the holy Father in heaven in the name of Jesus. If we do not choose God, we are automatically forfeited to Satan- there are only two entities either we choose God or we automatically belong to Satan. There is no such thing as being neutral or on middle ground or in the gray area… God or Satan. Period. Let that sink in while you professing to be God’s and to love God; but denying Him rejecting His truths, disobeying His word…

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