If We Be… If We Be Not…

If We Be God’s O Ye professed of God

If we be God’s o ye professed of God; we are overcomers- We shall overcome as Christ overcame… God’s Spirit in us causes us to do God’s will- His word.

If we are not become new creatures… if we are not getting victory over sin, still struggling with the same sins over and over throughout … If we are not keeping God’s commandments loving Him; Then how are we preaching, teaching- living the gospel of the kingdom of God? How then are we being His witness that He is God? How is His true Character of love revealed in our lives in us?

If the gospel of Jesus Christ is not lived in our lives- we will not be they who endure unto the end and be saved… for the life not living the gospel, is calling God a liar, living that God is not the God of salvation… that He has no power to save the sin sick diseased soul from sin, death. The soul by default lives the character of Satan, he is who they give power to reign in their lives unto death, death eternal.

Let that sink in.

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