Because God Took The Beam I Gave Him Out Of My Eye; I Am Able To Help You See And Get Rid of The Mote In Your Eye… God’s Love- Only God

I been there and done that and I boast in the holy Father in heaven in the name of Jesus for victory over those sins and that is how I can know to preach/teach telling you of the mote in your eye- because God showed me the bean in my eye and I gave to Him to take it, remove it far from me; and it is gone from me. I remember and know Satan is already defeated… I learned Satan cannot use that temptation on me, by the grace of God, by my faith, through the Power of God, His Spirit- I overcame those sins. By God’s grace and by my faith I will continue to overcome through the Power of God- His Spirit He puts in me. Do not be deceived. We shall overcome as Christ overcame- If we be God’s true and faithful… let that sink in.

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