I gave Him the beam out of my eye, now I can see…

Because God took the beam I gave Him, and repented of out of my eye, I am now able to see clearly to help you see, get rid of the mote in your eye: Only by God’s love, Only God.

I been there and done that and I boast in the holy Father in heaven in the name of Jesus for victory over those sins and that is how I see clearly now, and know to teach telling you of the mote in your eye- because God showed me the beam in my own eye and I gave to Him to take it, remove it far from me; I repented to God, and it is gone from me.

I remember and know Satan is already defeated… I learned Satan cannot use that temptation on me, by the grace of God, by my faith, through the Power of God, His Spirit- I overcame those sins. By God’s grace and by my faith I will continue to overcome through the Power of God- His Spirit He puts in me. And you can and will overcome sin if you choose to surrender all to God, repent.

Do not be deceived. We shall overcome as Christ overcame- If we be God’s true and faithful… let that sink in.

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