Virus or What?

Whether a virus is man made or not, sin is the origin, Satan the author. It is real. There is an underlying agenda regardless if man made or not… mans ways rooted in sin has brought it to surface. Know the keys in dealing with it, protecting yourself from it and any disease, how to live through its affects and the aftermath.

Trusting in God believing in Him brings about one doing what they believe. If we believe in God, believe (do) (live) as God says to live- by His every word.

Take into account all information possible and first and foremost measure it all including ones own lifestyle By God- by His word.
Search out if the information be true… Remember to Go to God for He has told us all things we need to know about these last days, and in us preparing and being ready for them; that we be ready and found faithful when Christ returns.

After you receive knowledge and understanding from the mouth of God through the Holy Ghost, make your conscious decision. Remember that God is the Healer, the

Deliverer from ALL disease of the mind and body including sin.

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