Dry bones can be restored

Are you spiritually dead? Are you as these dead bones? Choose Life today. Glean from God’s word. Be blessed, restored, revived. If you are as these dry bones, rejoice for God is the Restorer, and the Life-giver to they who choose Life. Repent and be converted. Turn away from your wicked ways, be born again.Continue reading “Dry bones can be restored”

Looking back? Be careful

Do you feel as though you’ve given up everything for God? When we actually give up all, we learn of God. It is then that we will say We are His and He is ours. That is a marriage. Both hearts are mutually committed. It is then that we will know we are not servingContinue reading “Looking back? Be careful”

Arise, Now!

Arise! It is the seventh day of the week—the holy Sabbath day of rest. It is the rest ordained of God. It is the sign between God and His people that He is the LORD God and the One who sanctifies them (Ezekiel 20:12, 20). Although now commonly known as Saturday, the prime day ofContinue reading “Arise, Now!”