True Love, God’s Love Not Defined by the World, The Wicked

True Love, one who is filled with the love of God, obeys God. In these souls, God perfects His character, His love. Christ learned obedience through suffering; That suffering was for God’s name sake. So we who love God shall suffer learning obedience for Christ name’s sake. When one loves God, they obey God’s voice- His word. God’s love is patient, kind, self-sacrificing; faithful, it chastises for it is both Judgement and mercy.

Godly love is not one giving into another’s wants or ways to satisfy the flesh/self. God’s love is not the love that the world knows nor the love their standards define… The world knows not God nor His character; thus, they, the heathen, the ungodly, the wicked, the evil, the sinner choosing to remain in sin CANNOT DEFINE WHAT GOD’S LOVE IS.

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