Many ask why?

Why is the evil done, the suffering upon the helpless allowed?

Many ask the above question: “Why God?” “Why don’t You, why didn’t You stop what happened to me, to others?“

Choices: Self will of no one is made void of God unless they are totally surrendered to Him by their faith, choice.

First we must realize, know that no one who has ever lived; no soul living now has ever experienced the trauma, hatred, persecution that Christ did—none have suffered more, or suffered to the intensity, suffered to the extent, suffered to the severity as was Christ.

Christ was tempted on all points as we are. Is anyone better than their Maker, than their Lord?

Christ suffering was all for others, for us, for humanity.

God put before me in 1996 why things happen but I did not study out. After I was getting through the trauma; I thought that I was ok. I was closer to God. I knew He brought me through. But then I fell away. Why? I was not completely surrendered to Christ. My focus was on self, and on how I was being treated, etc. I was in self destruct mode but I did not realize it. Why? Spiritual things are spiritually discerned. And, I did not know my own heart (I thought I knew my own heart—I was deceived on many levels). The trauma began in my life as early as 1969. The grooves were indented in my brain, and deeper they were as the years went by.

In 2011, God began teaching me “Why”. Why 2011? I made a choice that God had to allow—God does not override our choices. God does not override the choices of His created beings. Then I experienced other evil, bad things 2014 to 2022, not by my choice but by the choices of others. But, God does not override people’s choices. Period. Every choice has consequences. I did not, do not ask God why. I know why. I first examined myself by God’s Word. Then I gave up everything to God. I trusted Him to do what He says He will do. I trusted in God to do in me what He says He will do. I put all my trust in God.

God knows our frame. He knows how, by what means we will by our own free will give up self to Him. God allows our choices and the consequences. He may lighten the severity of the consequences (He knows the end from the beginning). If we belong to Him, If we love Him; all things work together for good to them that love Him; and to the called according to His purpose. Many are the afflictions of the righteous; many are the troubles of the righteous; but, God delivers us out of them all.

Curses, generational curses: The result of the choices from our generations—from Eden to now. But the blessings of God from generation to generation also. We choose which we will receive by our thoughts, words, actions. Study out Deuteronomy 28.

The soul accusing God, blaming God, is the unconverted soul who is not surrendered to God. Many have left God’s church, turned completely away from God. Many leave the faith, go into living lies speaking against God while they profess to be His loving, sanctified people. Yes, many believe, being changed by the lies they have entertained, and that they have been healed. So, they go on being more and more deceived, Satan’s hold stronger and stronger upon them unto the third and fourth generation. They are in need of Christ, yet they run from God blaming Him for all the bad done, for all the evil done—for all suffering.

Many self destruct in their eating, drinking. Many self destruct in their drive for acceptance, for title, for degrees, for position, notoriety, for fame, for fortune, for mere false power. Many self destruct in their homes, in their marriages, in their rearing their children. They claim “I raised my child/children in the admonition of God” ; “We raised our child/children in the way that they should go”. Why? Why? Because they are deceived, unconverted. Because we know not our own heart; because we have not known God, nor the love of God: We have been deceived, blame God for everything.

Is anyone knowing that it is Satan that brings the evil; but, only by our invitation by not loving God?

The bottom line is that it’s still selfishness, and pride of the soul. We have to take the focus off of self and put our focus on Christ. Anyone looking on self, is not dead—no matter their profession of faith.

Let us each give up self will, our very existence, our total being to God to be governed by God. Then, in faithfully choosing this death daily; confessing and rep, forsaking all sin: God will convert us. God said He will cleanse us from all our filthiness, from all our idols, From all uncleannesses. God said He will heal us of all our diseases, heal us from all our backslidings. God said He builds the ruin places, He builds that which lay desolate. God brings to life dry bones!

No matter our culture, childhood, upbringing; no matter the trauma, evil, abuse done to us, or that we have seen and heard throughout our childhood and adulthood; Christ is our Counselor, our Healer, Our Maker, our Redeemer. His love is the cure to all sin has been done.

Let us acknowledge whatever it is that keeps us bound to self and sin, seek God that we choose to exercise our faith, go forward and surrender to God. Prove Him. It is the love of God that penetrates to the very bone marrow, heals us of every traumatic experience, every disease, every form of abuse, even self abuse. Just choose God and give Him consent daily to possess you filling you with the Holy Spirit.

It takes self being dead and made a new creature by Christ, filled with God’s love to forgive those who have used, abused and did much evil to us; and to pray for them. Reconciliation may not always be an option because of the spiritual state of mind of they involved, because of no true change, no true repentance.

Let us seek to be made free. Christ is the way , the truth, and the life. There is no other way. Let us choose by faith and by the Holy Spirit to let go and give up all to God; and that Christ make us free, free indeed.

Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.


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