Before, after, and then what?

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Baptism is a demonstration/symbolic of dying, and resurrecting a new creature in Christ.

There is first to be acknowledgment of sin, confessing known sins to God; repenting having true godly sorrow, forsaking all sin.

True repentance works in the soul conversion by the work of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit obeys God just like Jesus obeyed God. God does all things decent and in order. God is holy, we are to be holy (He makes us holy), and we are to do all things decent and in order—by faith, and by the power of the Holy Spirit dwelling in us.

God has a order in His plan of salvation. There is a process we go through but it is immediately worked by the Holy Spirit by our faith. There is no lack or slacking on God’s part to deliver us from sin. Our growth only is delayed or hindered, or stagnant because of our own choices—though many blame God.

Because many react from their feelings, from their emotions; they commit to baptism committing to God without having counted the cost of such a commitment—not knowing or understanding the requirements of God for such a powerful filled life lived unto Him. They have not cried out to Him to teach them His way, His love. They get baptized without learning what salvation is, what God’s salvation entails—that it was not all done/finished at the cross. So, they believe they are saved being baptized, and that they can live as they did before because they will be sinning until Jesus comes. Many are praying to God believing not on Christ but Satan’s lies, they blame God.

Many are baptized before they truly repent. Therefore, these souls are not converted. Without repentance, there is no conversion. If the soul is not converted, they cannot be, will not be born again. These will not fully surrender their will to the will of God. They will not be new creatures in Christ. Without conversion, they are still the “old man” while “professing” to be born again, while professing to belong to God; while professing to love God. They made that public show of their commitment to God being baptized, but their heart (mind) is far from Him.

Being baptized is a public demonstration of our being dead with Christ in the grave; and being resurrected with Christ rising up out of the grave a new creature in Christ covered with His righteousness. We are no longer sinners. We are Christ righteous. We are His redeemed.

Being baptized is becoming one with Chris in His death, then one with Him in His resurrection—committing to live with Him in His Sanctuary: We abide in Him, His word abides in us; we die daily take up our cross and follow Christ: We are converted beings living by faith and by the power of the Holy Spirit God puts in us.

So many get baptized without having first counted the cost of being one with Christ. They go through bearing unnecessary burdens that could have been avoided had they sought God and not submitted to “feelings”. Feelings and emotions change with times and seasons if there is no solid foundation; if there is no anchor to hold; if there is no sound doctrine of Christ.l—the soul will disconnect themselves from God by their daily life choices.

Oh the sorrow the soul can avoid if they but repent, forsake all sin. If we only by faith, simply accept and receive the fact that we already have the victory! If we only choose enmity to sin. God placed enmity between us and Satan. Oh the power and blessings we do forfeit; because we listen to lies whispered and spoken by Satan and those he uses, controls.

“Once saved, always saved” is a lie from Satan told to many souls—many are deceived. We must, by faith, every day, even moment by moment choose to die—give up self, surrender our all mind, body, our very existence and all we have to God. We must surrender self-will to the will of God. Simply take God at His word, trust Him. Period.

The converted baptized soul daily surrenders to God, digs deep in His word not staying, not remaining on the surface. We daily dig deep in God’s word as for hidden treasure. We behold Him in His word, and become changed. We daily by faith, His grace walk after the Spirit and not after the flesh.

It is not too late to repent and be converted. Go to God now in a quiet place and seek Him, surrendering your all to Him, surrender your will to His will, and desire Him to govern you, to fill you with His Holy Spirit. Ask God to bring to your remembrance all sin that you have not confessed, to bring to your remembrance all sin you have not repented of—all sin you have not forsaken. He will. Then you acknowledge, confess m, and repent those sins as He brings them to you. Ask God to increase your faith that you will believe: That you will by faith be a hearer and doer of His word. Pray this daily. God will do His part. You must choose by faith, to do your part. We each have choices to make daily for God or against God. Only by His Holy Spirit in us will we have discernment to distinguish good from evil; the Spirit of God from other spirits; the voice of God from all other voices.

“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; And lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, And he shall direct thy paths. Be not wise in thine own eyes: Fear the LORD, and depart from evil. It shall be health to thy navel, And marrow to thy bones.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭3‬:‭5‬-‭8‬ ‭KJV‬‬

We are saved by grace through faith. By God’s Holy Spirit, study in His word faith. The just shall live by faith.

We thirst, God will give us His living water to drink that our thirst be satisfied; and we will be rooted, we will be on solid foundation: No storm will move us.

Be not deceived. Repent and be converted that your sins be blotted out, that you be born again.


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