Don’t tie His hands

It is that Christ paid the wages for sin for us. It is not going to, walking into and sitting in the “building” listening to a pastor/leader/brethren who are not walking and talking the Word that brings us to Christ.

Christ is the Who we go to. No matter the level you are, or where you are in your spiritual walk, surrender your all to God. He will receive; He will not turn you away. The Power of God will deliver you from sin and keep you from falling. But, if you don’t give Him permission; if you do not give Him authority to move in your life to deliver you, heal you and make you whole; you tie God’s hands because He has to allow your free will choice.

God does not force His will. We have to give Him permission. We have to give up governing ourselves, and give ourselves over to God to govern us.

This is a day to day, a daily decision we make. Not a once in a lifetime choice for the rest of our lives. We must choose daily to die and follow Christ. Yesterday’s choice will not cover you for today, and unto the end. Once saved always saved is a lie told, taught, and spread around by Satan and his angels- his devils, his demons, his emps. Our choice and experience last year, or 5-10-15-20-30 years ago will not suffice for what we shall have to endure and overcome now, today, and in the near future.

Ask God for His Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth to guide you into all truth and give you understanding. Study the Word and know that it is having the faith of Jesus that we will come through the furnace of affliction, purified, purged of all sin, healed and made whole, we shall come forth as pure gold-—Christ living within through The Holy Spirit: We will endure unto the end. We will be found faithful. We will stand before Christ face to face.

Oh yes! It is by the Power of God that we will have and experience this rebirth.

Be not deceived. Repent and be converted.


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