If you are willing and if you can, please give to continue the healing experience we are seeing for my friend! She is regaining her eyesight! She is gaining strength to walk again, unaided! Her depression is fading. Hope is visible. We are having tears of joyful celebrations. And not just her and me, but also the wellness director and assistants are sincerely and tearfully touched.

My friend was displaced by a hurricane. Then she was housed for months, where she was not taken outdoors into the fresh air or sunshine. She lost her vision. Her diabetes and other ailments worsened. Her weight increased. She was losing strength and hope.

I was shocked when I saw her! But I am very grateful God had led me to direct her to this wellness facility, where she is surrounded by loving, caring Christians, who know how to help bring miraculous healing through simple non-toxic modalities, in a serene rural setting.

If you will, please join us in this effort. We need to raise $6,900 ASAP. She is being offered a special pricing to continue being here for another session.

This is the place God has chosen. And I know He has the answer.

Is it through you?

Funds are needed, preferably by Friday, May 26, by 1pm Eastern and May 28th at the latest by noon to secure her spot.

Please call Helene Thomas, Coordinator of Admissions, at (334) 468-2919. Let her know you are calling to help bear the cost of Audrey Stovall’s friend’s care. You may receive a receipt; but it will not be tax deductible, since it is for a specific person. Gifts to the facility in general are tax deductible.

Please call now. God bless you! And I thank you!

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