Many days are honored, except this one

Many work hard to get a day recognized in honor of someone. They want the world to remember the contributions they made. They want the world to pause and call a day holy and do according to what is indoctrinated in them to do on it.

But when it comes to the seventh day, often these same ones are silent. They fail in remembering to keep the Sabbath of God holy all the day long. The Sabbath of the fourth commandment: It is the only commandment that begins with the warning “Remember.”

Yet, most do not remember. Some even refuse. The many who profess to know God seem to not stop to realize that knowing Him means loving Him; and loving Him means obeying Him, without feeling grieved in their obedience. They simply ignore His warning to “remember.” In doing so, they also reject Him. Otherwise, they would choose to do His will. They would choose to love Him, regardless of the consequences.

Nevertheless, God is rejected on His holy seventh day—the Sabbath. We know it as Saturday. Often, it is the busiest day of the week, even for personal obligations. I see people feeling personally obligated and fighting to keep or fighting to establish a day to honor others. It is always for others, but not for God. Even on God’s holy Sabbath, others are honored and remembered. Amazingly, those being honored are ones they did not personally know. These same ones make the claim that they personally know God.

If that were so, then they would love Him. They would show it by keeping His Commandments. God says if you love Him, you will keep His commandments. God says to keep holy His seventh day (not the first day of the week—Sunday). But without malice or hatred toward your choices, you are free to choose. And God gives you that freedom of choice. He doesn’t even force His will. He never will. Yet, being indoctrinated and deceived, many—likely most—will still choose to reject God. They would rather do what the world says they must do.

Still, many say they have their own mind, make their own choices. Hold up! We all need to ever realize and remember or take note of this one thing: the fact that our mind is forfeited over to Satan, if we are not abiding in Christ. If the mind of Christ is not in us, then Satan has control of our minds. This is why we find ourselves yielding to his temptations.

The more he is yielded to, the more control over the mind Satan has. He or one or more of his demons take possession of the mind and over the body. They wreak havoc. This doesn’t mean the person will foam at the mouth or experience a literal head-spinning phenom. They can appear nice. They can help people. They can sing. Remember, Satan’s very existence incorporated every note and every musical instrument. Yes, he takes over the mind through the music you listen to as well. They may preach or teach. They go to school. They work. They are in grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, mothers, siblings, children, wives, strangers, co-workers. They are in the entertainment and sports and food industries, and more.

Mankind is no match for Satan without God. What are you going to do when the Holy Ghost is gone? What are you going to do when Christ is no longer in the Most Holy Place (Holiest of Holies in God’s Sanctuary in Heaven) interceding for mankind?

There is a remnant whom God possesses by their own freewill, by their faith, the power of the Holy Ghost. The remnant remember God. They glorify God. God keeps them. They show forth that God is God and that it is He who sanctifies them.

We do well to live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. We do well to hearken freely by faith to His voice. If anyone or anybody is lost, it is no one’s fault but each their own.

Be not deceived. Repent and be converted. Time is almost finished.

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