Love and Hate: The Fine Line Between

There is a fine line between Love and hate: between the love of God and the commandments of men. Yet, there is a very distinct difference.

Love and hate are never mingled together. Just as God divided the light (Day) from darkness (Night), so God puts a difference between the holy and unholy, between the godly and ungodly, between obedience and disobedience, between that which is of Him from that which is of the world. Although each of us lives in the world, only those who belong to God—who are children of the Day—choose not to be of the world or children of the Night. Children of God belong to His Son, Jesus Christ, and choose to live by the principles found in God’s Word, the Holy Bible. Accordingly, they live their beliefs, by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God, as revealed to the prophets. It all begins with one’s daily choices.

Choices. Choices. Choices.

Choice in the love of God means choosing by faith to live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. Period. That choice ignites the power of God through the Holy Ghost to continue to work in the soul. That same choice produces both the will and power to please God. The Holy Ghost does the refining, the purifying within us. It is virtually a spiritual detox and cleanse. But first, we must truly choose to die daily. We must be willing to give up our right to govern self. It is daily submitting to the will of God. It is giving God complete authority to govern us.

While it is God who puts the Holy Ghost in us, it is the Holy Ghost who restores us to the image of God. This image has no sin within. This image has no fellowship with darkness. For there can be no fellowship with those who choose to live in darkness, letting Night rule instead of the Day.

Choose you this day whom you will serve.

In our choices, we are to abstain from even the very appearance of evil. In all we think upon, in all we speak or do, we either do it for the glory of God or for Satan. When we live according to the standard of Satan, we show our hatred of God.

However, let’s be clear. Respecting the choices of others is very different from supporting them. There is a fine line. Yet, there is a line. A division exists between them no matter how fine that line is. It is very clear. God gives the discernment to see where the division is so that it can be adhered to.

Christ says, “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” This is simply sacrificing self. It means giving up our will to the will of God. It means stepping out on faith, trusting that God will do the work. He does His good works in us that we may live according to His ways.

Yes. We live in the world. But we are not to be of the world. Therefore, render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. Render unto God what is God’s. Let there be no blurring the line of demarcation. God has no union with them. How will the ignorant come to the knowledge of God, if those who profess to be in God are not holding up the standard of God? Too many professed Christians instead are mingling with darkness, mixing truth and error. Such choices teach by influence the commandments of men, teaching to call truth lies and lies the truth. It teaches confusion. If we are choosing to practice the ways of the world, how then will we teach transgressors God’s ways and have sinners be converted unto Him?

When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD will lift up the standard of God against him (Satan, the enemy of God). But we must be under the control of the Holy Spirit.

Yes. There is a fine line between Love and hate. Christ died for all. In fact, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. He calls all to come to Him in personal prayer to confess our sins. If we are willing, He will give us repentance. He will lead us to righteousness that our sins may be blotted out. We will not only be forgiven, but we will also be converted and sanctified to live daily for God for the rest of our lives.

The Spirit of God perfects God’s character in us so that the old person we were will be dead. In the newness of life, we are wedded to Christ and are no longer in bondage to sin and death. No longer will the one married to Christ live according to the carnal nature of mankind. He or she lives freely in Love with the law of Love (God): His Ten Commandments. Living in the Spirit, the new person walks not according to the desires of the flesh but according to the Spirit of God.

God allows our choices.

It is our free will to choose life or death. If we choose death, God allows us our choice. While He may allow it, He does not condone, approve, nor support our choice to die. Without forcing us to choose otherwise, He convicts us of truth. He only condones, approves, supports, encourages our decision to choose eternal life. Those who choose by faith to learn of Him will face trials or rather opportunities to obey Him. For these opportunities, special help is required—the power of His Spirit. When we pray for that help, meditate upon His Word and submit to the Holy Spirit, we are buying of Him gold tried in fire. We will find ourselves choosing to obey Him even more as our love for Him increases. Our choices will glorify Him. They will lead others to be edified in Him, to grow from grace unto grace.

There is a fine line between love and hate. Period. That is the truth. Truly knowing God means living His love. Those who believe in Jesus and endure unto the end are those who keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus. These same ones shall be saved. They will be delivered from their sins and from sin itself.

Do not choose to live on the line. We must choose to live on the right hand or on the left. We must choose to serve God or Satan. How we live is determined by to whom we yield ourselves as servants to obey in every aspect, in every life circumstance and situation.

Choose this day whom you will serve. Choose each and every day and throughout the day. All who be on the Lord’s side, stand on the right; all who be on the fine line, stand on the left and be forfeited to Satan.

There is a fine line between love and hate. For God chastens whom He loves. The chastening may hurt, but it won’t kill us. It is a part of the process of being tried in the fire that we may come forth as pure gold—on the right side—having eternal life.

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