Self-Love? Hmmm

Self-love? Please. . . No!

Self-love is dangerous without God. Without God, that love is based upon lies and death—the character of Satan. In every way, it puts self first. Without God, that self-love is the world’s love, based on their standards, not God’s Ten Commandments. God has demonstrated His love to us from Genesis to Revelation, and also in each and everyone of our lives.

We need to study the truth so well that we will discern deception whenever we are faced with it. If we have studied God’s Word and are determined, we will stand on God’s side. We will speak His Word, which the Holy Spirit will put into our mouths. We shall not be deceived. We will not fall to the “self-love” or “know your worth” philosophy. With God, we are worth beyond what human understanding and calculations can measure.

We will automatically love self, if we first truly love God.

Therefore, choose to observe and do and keep the first four commandments. They show us how to love God, who has given all Heaven for us. Choose to observe and do and keep the last six commandments. Then and only then will we understand how to love others as ourselves.

If we ask, knock, seek God for the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit will teach us and give us the knowledge of God and understanding in all things.

Once we know God, we will love God and obey God. We will abide in Christ. Christ will abide in us, and we shall bring forth the same fruit as did Christ. For without Him, we can do nothing.

There is no greater love than the love of God. It is His love which He gives to us that we might have life.

We will need to die to self. We will need to surrender our own will to the will of God. God’s Word is His will.

He tells us all we need to know for every life circumstance and situation that we may face. He is right there to lead us and to guide us. But first, we must relinquish our rights to govern ourselves. In other words, we must truly let go and let God.

If we are seeking to get right “self-love,” we will not ever love God supremely. The character of Satan will be made manifest in the soul. The soul will die, if we do not change course.

Let us pray to our Heavenly Father. Let us ask for the Holy Spirit in Christ’s name. Let us pray, believing God will give us His Spirit. Let us pray, read, study, pray, and pray some more. We will be guided by God’s Spirit, if we are seeking truth and life, instead of fighting against truth and receiving death. Let us apply the Word of God practically in our daily lives.

God bless us to choose today whom we will serve. By the power of God, we shall overcome self and be empowered by the Holy Spirit to live the fruit of the Spirit. Consequently, we will personally show God’s love daily to all those around us.


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