We are drawn to God by the evidence of His tender love and grace. Once we have accepted God’s offer of free salvation, we come to Him. We come confessing. We come repenting. We receive forgiveness. Through the Spirit of God, we receive the mind of Christ. He converts us.

We begin to love what He loves, to hate what He hates. We are led to do that which pleases Him. We find pleasure and peace in the power given us to live a holy life. And others who are wanting salvation are blessed by our faithful witness.

Now this takes a daily dying to self. Daily, we will need to surrender all of self and life to God. Daily, we must choose to be governed by God. As we do, He promises to guide us with His wisdom. (Read Psalm 25:9; 32:8; 48:14; 73:24.)

The problem is some want to be saved by God, but they don’t want to be governed by God.

God made it simple. Keep it simple.

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