Who is in your head?

Friends, we are to be so very careful what and who we are allowing to take up residence in our minds. We may dream and ask God what He is telling us; yet, it may not be God at all. Sometimes it is through what we are thinking upon or beholding that Satan influences our dreams by speaking in our subconscious. We may think it’s from God, but we must stop thinking! Rather, we must know. We must know GOD.

True saints of God have the faith of Jesus before probation closes. The love of God and the Spirit of God remain. We live by God’s grace and love daily. We live the fruit of the Spirit. We are the tree that bears fruit of God.

Let this be our focus today. Ask God for the Holy Spirit: praying, believing, asking, in the name of Jesus. Believe you have the Holy Spirit, because you asked God in the name of Jesus. Then simply thank Him, and live by faith. Submit to God. Surrender to God. Make this choice today—even moment by moment, if you need to.

Each time a decision must be determined, go to God on the spot! Don’t make a move. Do not speak—do not choose—until God gives you the answer. In some cases, you may need to answer right then and there. Quietly ask God in the name of Jesus, having no doubt He will answer you. God will bring His Word to your mind! Remember, be not deceived. Do not ask yourself, nor answer yourself! Talk to God—not yourself. Give no more power to Satan! We need to consistently wait on God. Sometimes, while we are quietly talking to God and actively doing something, He will step in right there and bless us to immediately do His will.

Let us be very careful not to misapply God’s Word to our circumstances. What do I mean? Sometimes, we might really desire a particular outcome. We might let it take up residence in our mind. Therefore, we find ourselves dwelling upon that thing or that person. It may not be in God’s original plan nor in perfect harmony with His will. Nevertheless, whoever we have been beholding in our mind has given Satan entrance. We may have a dream. Maybe in some other way or through someone, he will attack. But more times than not, it is disguised with a little truth to deceive.

Let God be the only One we behold in the Secret Place of the Most High. Not even our godly—and especially not our ungodly spouse and children—should take precedence. God is our Head. So let Him have the Center of our minds, our bodies, our lives. Next in line is our godly spouse, children, etc. Keep it real. Sugarcoat nothing. Do not water it down.

We are no match for Satan, without God. Without God, we truly cannot know or understand anything. We cannot live or even reason one with another. We can be or do nothing, without God. Period.

Yes, it may be impossible without God; but with God, all things are possible. Let us speak the Word into our existence today, and every day praise God for who He is. Thank God for what He has done. Put God first and foremost. And in all things, give God thanks. Fear nothing and nobody.

Come on! Let us die to self today. Give up self to God. Let us surrender our will—our total and complete existence—to God. If we dream, Satan cannot gain entrance, because every door is shut by God that God has not opened! Let that marinate.

Let us by faith purpose by God’s Grace to do that which is only pleasing in God’s sight. Let us purposely choose God today. God will keep us in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him, because we trust in Him.

Stand still and see the salvation of the LORD (God’s deliverance from sin).


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