When you do not know…


When you do not know God, go to God in prayer. Give your whole self to Him. Exercise your faith when praying to God. Trust that when you ask Him to deliver you from sin in the name of Jesus, He will do it.

When you pray for forgiveness, believe He will forgive you. Call out those sins. Be specific. Ask Him to give you a perfect hatred for sin, to give you His Spirit—His Holy Spirit—to do His work in you, to restore you unto His image. God has promised to cleanse you and to remove all sin from you. (Read 1 John 1:9.)

I’ve been there. I knew nothing! God pulled me out of the dung and cleaned me up. He delivered me! And He is no respecter of persons. God wants healing for everyone. He wants no one to perish.

But He has created us all with the freedom of choice.

He will not override our choices. But what we need to understand is that every choice has its consequence(s). Therefore, it is very important that our choices in every aspect of life be measured by the Word of God.

Whatever (or whoever) you need to stop doing, watching, listening to, eating, drinking, speaking, hanging with, sleeping with, God—through His Holy Spirit—will do that re-creating in you. But His work will require your choice. You must choose to give yourself up to Him every single day.

Choose to die to your sinful desires. Choose to give up your right to govern yourself. Choose to let God govern you. Always pray in the name of Jesus. And believe. Then watch God do the work in you. God will move on your behalf. He will fight for you and deliver you.

I am walking, living proof with many others.

You will face decisions to give up something or someone for God—to walk in the light of truth and no more in error and darkness. You will have to choose. Every day, it is your choice. God will never force you to love Him. But know this: Loving God is obeying God.

Humble yourself before God. Stay in His Word. Learn from the Holy Spirit. God will do the rest. What you sincerely seek to know, and it is pertinent to your salvation, God will reveal to you.

Then trust Him.

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