What Does Love Got to Do With It?

If all God’s created beings would just take Him at His word, like they take the word of man. Oh, what faith!

The faith of Jesus is the faith we must have. But if we are not exercising the faith already given us of God, He will not increase it. If we do not desire or want to love God, He will not force us.

If we truly loved God, we would not sin. And there would be no sin for us to confess, no sin to repent of or forsake. Let that sink in.

Michael will soon stand up and put on His royal garment, for He is King. He will cease making intercession for us. We will be judged by God according to our works. When Christ comes, our reward will be with Him.

God’s character is not known of His professed people, because they desire their own ways.

It is so sad, heartbreaking to hear of a soul killing themselves, let alone of one being killed/murdered. If all would just desire to know, love God—the love of God in the heart (mind), one cannot choose to end the life He has given. People cannot choose to sin against God and kill themselves, nor another.

Oh, if we but understood the character of God! If we understood God’s Word, His Holy Word, we would know Him and love Him. We would repent and be converted.

I know the hurt I experience when I hear of one killing him- or herself, or of someone being killed, murdered, of someone dying needlessly. If only they had submitted unto God, desired to know and love Him, a soul would never take the life of another nor their own.

The tears Christ shed. The blood Christ sweated. The agony. The pain and suffering Christ went through before and while on that cross, being separated from His holy Father: Sin did that! We put Christ on that cross. We crucify Him again every time we choose to hate Him through disobedience. We show that we do not love Him.

Sin separates us from God. Let that sink in. God hates sin. God has no part with sin. If the sinner chooses to stay in sin, turn back, go back to sinful ways, God loves us enough to allow our choices. Period.

God loves us unconditionally. He gave His only begotten Son! Do we not get that? God loves all His created beings; but He hates sin. If we choose to sin, He lets us go our own chosen way. Period.

Yes God forgives us when we confess our sins. And He cleanses us from all unrighteousness. The only way we are unrighteous is if we keep turning back to sin.

We have to submit ourselves to God. We must humble ourselves before God. We must confess, repent, and be converted. Only the converted of God will be translated, for they have already been glorified of God. By faith they died daily and took up their cross and followed Jesus. These have the love of God in them. These keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus.

We say we love God. The sad truth, the sad reality is that so many profess God. Yet, they do NOT know God. And they do not love God. Period.

So before you look away, before you roll those eyes, before you speak lies, before you tuck that sin away in your hiding place, before you gaslight another, before you verbally abuse another, before you speak falsely about another, before you gossip, before your tongue rise against God’s servants in judgment, before you buy that gun or pick it up—let alone use it—before you speak, before you drink that drink of spirits (beer, alcohol, etc), before you smoke that blunt, before you eat that abomination, before you think that adultery, before you curse—proving you are not converted—before you put on that outfit (shaming God), before you put on those ornaments or makeup, before you vape, before you think to speak one wicked word, before you look at those naked/half-naked pictures, before you put your hand for self-abuse, or fix your lips to profess that you love God, you best humble yourself before God, acknowledge your sins, confess them one by one to God, repent—forsaking sin—and give yourself completely to God.

Ask God for a perfect hatred for sin that you would rather die than sin against Him.

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