Self-Worth? What!? We Are Nothing Without God

Many are talking about self, self, self. Self-worth does not exist.

One has no worth—period—without God living in them through the Holy Spirit. Many are professing God, while the tongue is speaking self-worth. It only shows forth the spiritual state of the mind: idolatry.

Idolatry is not just worshipping (physically literally, bowing down). Idolatry is living for self above and before God. It is living by one’s selfish choices: giving in to, yielding to, putting others, putting things, material things before or above God. It can be an image made out of wood, silver or gold or pearls. Idolatry can be adorning oneself with jewelry or makeup, or costly apparel.

Go ahead. Study it out, only while being led of the Spirit of God. Idolatry is wearing, doing, eating, drinking, speaking to please self, or being men-pleasers. It is that which is sin, that which is not edifying in the Lord, not glorifying God, not loving God supremely (more than, above everything else). It is choosing to obey another and not choosing to obey God by faith.

If the soul has not God in them, they are nothing. And they can do nothing without God. Let that sink in, marinate.

Choose to change by faith. Do not marinate in and soak up truth, while never choosing to surrender self completely to God.

Choose you this day whom you will serve: God or Satan. Period. There is no middle ground nor neutral ground on which to stand. We either stand wholly on solid ground, the side of God, or we stand on the side of Satan, which is sinking sand.

We do not build houses on sand. Let that sink in.

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