Choose God, Receive Life, Life Eternal

God is ALL about LIFE AND HEALTH UNTO US. God is not looking for ways to condemn us BUT GOD SEEKS TO DELIVER US. If we do not choose Him in truth, worship Him, serve Him in Spirit and truth; we do not have Him in us. God does not share His people with the enemy just as the spouse does not share their wife/husband with another (In noway, shape, nor form). God is a jealous God… This jealousy is not that which is the counterfeit that Satan has and they of him have. God’s love is not that of the counterfeit which is of Satan. The world and they of the world of Satan DO NOT KNOW the love of God. So STOP listening to they of the world of Satan in disguise teaching you counterfeit love, counterfeit character, counterfeit day, counterfeit marriage, counterfeit living, counterfeit gods.

Let that sink in, then choose by faith: THE TRUE GOD, LIFE.

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