Double-Mindedness Grieves Away The Holy Spirit

There is a lot of double-mindedness going on.

One’s actions spring from that which is spoken as a result of what is in the mind.

Many are saying one thing and doing another, because the mind (heart) is not converted and because there is no true repentance. Neither is the mind truly rooted or grounded in the Lord God. Because there is no love for the truth, words are mere distractions. One day this or that is spoken, but the action to back up the words does not come to pass. The real problem is one’s state of mind.

A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. Let that marinate. Let it really sink in.

Then choose by faith to surrender self completely to the will of God. Do not become one that takes it all in—professing, proclaiming—but not doing. Time is wrapping up. Hear and do before it is too late. Only hearing and never doing grieves away the Holy Spirit. In this way, many know not that they have grieved away the Holy Spirit for the last time.

Have you?

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