What Will Each Answer Be/Silence?

Jesus was as a lamb brought to the slaughter; and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so He openeth not His mouth. Christ had already in His life ministry taught in words, by life example… He warned of what was to come. He taught lessons to all in hearing that they by faith will choose to love Him, choose to be free from bondage to sin, death; and to choose righteousness. So when His hour came; He answered not a word. In our hour, we need not answer a word- for we will have already made known that which was our duty.

We need not be confused, deceived, wonder what to do; what not to do. We know; especially if God’s Spirit be in us… We know what to, whether to choose yes we will; or whether to choose no we will not.

What is the issue? SELF IS NOT DEAD! Self wants to please self; as well as be “Men pleasers”. SELF does not want to be viewed or looked at or talked about in a way that makes them look bad, etc. SELF wants praise, honor, glory which is to be given to God. SELF does not trust God. SELF does not want to receive God’s counsel, instruction in righteousness. SELF receives best the counsel of the ungodly and from they who profess godliness… Let that sink in.

As for me, and my house; We will serve the Lord. Who is your choice while you contemplate whether you will or whether you will not?

The freewill choice is each ours to make: Will the choice be by faith or … ?

Without faith, it is impossible to please God.

Let that sink in.

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