Here We Go Again Until We Get It…

As I have shared before…, these holidays are not God’s but the world’s. Remember, no one can make, or bless nothing nor no one holy but God in heaven. Period. The only holy day God requires His people/His children to keep holy is His holy Sabbath day- the holy Sabbath day is all about God; worship unto God. Christ said Communion Service is what we partake of in remembrance of Him.

Christmas never meant nothing about Christ, actually it is christ-mass; it is pagan; it is the worship of Tamuz… God says to worship no other god but Him… this includes bowing down… let that sink in. God calls us to worship Him in spirit and in truth, serve (worship) Him in sincerity and truth. God in heaven is The Creator and is my Father, my Master, my Maker, the God of my salvation… I choose to, my choice is to worship Him- the Lord God as He requires, tells me to. Period.

If you want to indulge in the world’s holiday/s- your choice of who you choose to worship.Period. By God’s grace (Power), I made my choice. Period. I am not knocking you; don’t knock me for telling you the truth as God calls for me to do because of His love He gave me to give, live.

I am doing what God tells me to do whether you like it or not; whether you accept/agree/want to hear/listen or not. The truth is still the truth. I tell you because of the grace (Power) of God- I love you. Period.

Is there anything wrong or against God in providing for the needy, your spouse, your children, grandchildren, parents, other loved ones what they have need of/ just a gift to say I am thinking of you- this can be just a simple call/ note/text/email/letter/card as well… No. Worship God in spirit and in truth, serve God in sincerity and truth. God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. God is righteous and in Him is no unrighteousness. Let that sink in.

I said before, I say again: we need to know the truth of what we do etc, and not just do because its always been done, etc. For God will not clear the guilty… Do your own traditions measured by God, by the uniqueness of your house- your family in your household which are to be first after God and husband, then children… etc then those relatives outside your household. If we want to buy and give- do it throughout the year- live christ character every day throughout the year. Remember, giving is NOT always buying… let that sink in.

We requires us not to have the appearance if evil. Know this. God means what He says.

If me telling you “God bless you” is not good to you or enough for you; take it up with God; for God’s will- His word prayed for you, on your behalf, someone speaking God’s blessing upon you is the ULTIMATE gift because God knows exactly what is best for you, only LIFE and HEALTH is given us from God.

Remember, “Christmas” has nothing to do with Christ period let alone His birth. So who are you worshiping? Let that sink in.

God knows our heart for sure… be careful when you speak those words for we know that God knows, tells us:

Jeremiah 17:9-10 KJV
[9] The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? [10] I the LORD search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings. …

You got beef about me obeying God, take it up with God- He fights for me. Let that sink in.

I love you. God bless you.

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