… Manmade or Not….

Whether the coronavirus is manmade or not, sin is the origin, Satan the author. It is real. There is an underlying agenda. Whether manmade or not, man’s ways rooted in sin, have brought it to the surface. The answer is in knowing the keys to dealing with sickness and disease, doing what it takes to protect yourself from sickness and diseases, and in maintaining a lifestyle to carry you through its effects and the aftermath.

Note: Viruses are not alive. They are dead. Why be afraid of something that is dead? Nothing dead can inject itself into you. The only way something dead can be injected into you is if you or someone else physically injects it into you. Then that dead virus, once entered into your living cells, is seen by the body as foreign; and the immune system responds to rid your body of it. Still, it is no more harmful than the flu or common cold. This, however, can only happen through poor dietary habits or through an injection carrying the characteristics of the dead virus or some material that only mimics the virus. Then the body’s immune response produces classic symptoms of the said virus.
On the other hand, you may allow yourself to be tested by a device or by methods that are faulty. These devices read the results as being the virus, because you have been already putting in your body, through your diet and lifestyle, that which “looks” to be the virus, but it is really not. Thus, you allow–willingly or unwillingly–drugs to be injected or administered to you that effectively fill you with toxins and poison your blood. Thus more sickness and disease, even death, come. What is the true killer? The drugs.

Search it out. Ask yourself some basic questions: What is a virus? What are the effects of using the microwave? How are you affected by radiation from many other things? What are the effects of the increased use of cell phones, computers, microwave, and five G? What are the effects of consuming GMO foods? What part do these play in the deterioration of one’s health and the body’s inability to heal itself as God created it to do?

Trusting in God and believing in Him bring about doing what one believes. If we believe in God, believe (do) (live) as God says to live, and that, by His every word.

Take into account all information possible. First and foremost, measure it all, including one’s own diet and lifestyle by God, that is, by His word. Search out whether the information is true. Remember to go to God; for He has told us all things we need to know about these last days, as well as how to prepare and stay ready for them. In this way, we can be ready and found faithful when Christ returns.

After you receive knowledge and understanding from the mouth of God, through the power of the Holy Ghost, you can now make an intelligent decision. Remember, God is the Healer and the Deliverer from ALL diseases of the mind and body, including sin.

By Annette Gillam

Edited By Audrey Stovall

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