Prove it

In the beginning, we see the two groups of people from then to today, through to the end of this world represented by Abel and Cain: They who love God; they who love death.

Abel and Cain were tested just as we are today whether we will obey God and believe or not.

Abel by faith was obedient to God. He worshipped God exactly how God told him to. Abel loved God. Cain was rebellious. He wanted to worship God how he wanted to. He disregarded God. When God did not accept His worship, he hated Abel, and killed him.

It is the same today. They who choose by faith to walk with God—obey Him, live (do) His will are hated by they who choose to do (live) as they choose.

By faith Abel offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, by which he obtained witness that he was righteous, God testifying of his gifts: and by it he being dead yet speaketh. Hebrews 11:4 KJV

Cain and Abel both were given the same opportunities. They both were instructed, taught of God. They both had a choice to make. Abel chose surrendering his all to God, to do the will of God, to love God. Abel by faith obeyed God. Cain chose to disobey God. He chose his own way of living, self-righteousness.

Cain represents the people today who deny God in their daily living no matter what they profess with their mouth. Abel represents those who by faith choose to live by every word that procedeth out of the mouth of God.

Sin separates the soul from God. We see from the beginning to now the affects of sin upon the soul: sickness, disease, death. We see the affects of sin upon this earth.

Because God keeps His covenant, He is faithful, merciful, long suffering; He will give us more than one opportunity to pass the test of our love. Cain made His choice that he would not obey, love God. He chose permanent separation from God because he chose to hold on to sin. Caun chose to love death.

How we live, every aspect of living is worship either to God or Satan. Let us seek God, to know Him, love Him. May we by faith, daily choose to worship God according to His will.

True faith is revealed by our living—our choices. Choose today who you will serve. Prove it: Faith and works.

Be not deceived. Repent and be converted.


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