Do we have it? Prove it!

We who say we love God, we must have a perfect hatred for sin! Yes, need I say it again?

I will put it this way. We who love the Lord shall have a perfect hatred for sin! We will have zero tolerance for sin! We will not look back at it in videos and pictures as if while remembering we think to say “those were the good old days”. But, that we will say thank You Lord for your mercy and your grace delivering me in Christ name. We will not laugh at it, nor smile at it, nor pay God’s money to go watch it, nor use God’s money to go buy it and bring it home to watch it. We will not turn it on the television to watch it—supporting and help employ them to keep putting sin out there to watch. We will not be entertained by it nor find amusement in it. We will not turn it on the radio or record player or CD player etc. to listen to it. We will not use God’s money to buy and eat it, nor buy and smoke it, nor buy and wear it, nor to buy and drink it! We will not speak it. We will not spread it, gossip about it; we will not even want it in our hearing! We will loathe it! We will not even think it! If Satan through his devils try to bring it to our subconscious, we will rebuke it in the name of Jesus; we will submit ourselves unto God, resist the devil, and he will flee from us.

Get the picture? We who are called by the name of the Lord will not take pleasure in sin no matter what form it presents itself to us! We who are God’s who are called by His name, are not to resemble the world in no way, shape, or form. In no way are we to resemble the world and its master the Devil. We who are God’s are to abstain from all appearance of evil. We who are God’s repent and are converted. We who are God’s are sanctified and covered with the righteousness of Christ!


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