Baggages, Weights, Strongholds

Why carry baggage that weighs us down and prevent our growing in the Lord? If we hold on to baggage that hinders us, they become weights, strongholds that will destroy us.

The word of God comes to my mind about the dog that returns to their own vomit; and Lot’s wife looking back showing regret of leaving sin; the righteous man who turns away from his righteousness.

There are many who profess God, yet are not content, always wanting, nothing nor no one can satisfy them. These are they who profess God with their lips, deny Him in and with their lives lived daily.

The common denominator of these is: They have not the love of God in them, and they have not faith in God. So it is they will never be filled. We need to have made up minds in the word of God. We should be partaking of it, chewing it up day and night that we be changed, filled, satisfied; that we be prepared and ready unto God sealing us glorifying us that we be ready for His coming and translation.

If they do not leave off the baggage, unpacking, putting on the whole armor of God; they will soon be weighed down, weighed in the balance found wanting. They will seek God, it will be too late. God will not be found of them.

Let us choose by faith to humble ourselves before God, surrender, give ourselves up to His will. Let us choose by faith to take God at His word and simply choose to seek Him early while He may be found; that He order our steps in His word and let not any iniquity have dominion over us.

Without God, all things are impossible. Thank God that with God ALL things are possible.


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